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Caregiver Testimonials

Our Local Home Care Successes

At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the premier home care company in North America. Read what our caregivers are saying about the quality of our care:

“When I started working for Health Care Assistance of Southern Maine, I was nervous but open to new experiences and simply wanted to help people age at home. Not only was I able to use my past experiences as a stay-at-home-parent, a massage therapist, and a teacher, but I learned from my clients that the most important part of being a professional caregiver is to simply show up with a willingness to be helpful. The HCA Balanced Care Method™️ makes it easy ensure each client’s most basic needs are addressed immediately, allowing plenty of opportunity to foster meaningful relationships between caregivers and clients. The most rewarding part of working the HCA Balanced Care Method™️ is addressing deeper aspects of the human experience: the client’s personal relationships, happiness, and life purpose. Learning about my clients’ personal lives and fostering these connections is the greatest gift of being a caregiver at HCA. Healthy bodies, sharp minds, safe and supportive home environments allow clients to remain in their most comforting places as they age, and as an HCA caregiver it feeds my soul to connect with clients and gain their trust as we navigate the unique HCA model of care.”

— Sarah Francis – Caregiver