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24-Hour Care

24-hour home care offers seniors the opportunity to age in place, in a familiar home environment surrounded by their cherished memories. Around-the-clock care is a great alternative to assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

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Portland Home Care Assistance

Hourly Care

Hourly home care is not only used to enhance the lives of our senior clients, but the lives of their families as well. Hourly care can provide family caregivers with time to attend to their own needs and personal obligations.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's

Home Care Assistance proudly trains our caregivers in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ so that clients can receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily living– at no additional cost.

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A Trusted Provider of In-home Care Throughout Portland and Falmouth, ME

Welcome to Home Care Assistance of Portland Maine – The premier provider of non-medical in-home care for older adults. Whether enjoying Maine’s coast or snuggled up next to a nice fire at home we know that if you grew up in Maine, it is s a special place on the map. Our mission is to help “Change The Way The World Ages” one client at a time by helping seniors live WELL at HOME.

My name is Sue Arsenault, owner of Portland Home Care Assistance and I have a passion for people! I am especially grateful for the wisdom I have gained over the years from the Elders in my life. Seniors bring valuable insight and experience that they graciously pass down to the benefit of the generations after them. I believe it is a privilege and blessing to serve their changing needs in their senior years.

For Us, Elderly Care is Very Personal

I have personally experienced the heart break of having to move my dear grandma, against her will, out of her home of MANY years because of physical limitations she developed in her late 80’s. Living at home alone was no longer an option and, unfortunately, we never explored in-home care to keep her “aging in place”. Although moving to a new home is “ok” for some, I believe that my Grandma would have left this earth happier if she had that opportunity to remain in her home under the supervision of a Caregiver. A few years forward, after learning about caregiving in the home, my Great Aunt, who developed Alzheimer’s disease, was blessed by a relationship that she developed with a professional Caregiver. She brought my great Aunt calmness, safety and one on one LOVE in the comfort of her own home. Although it was difficult to see her progress into the late stages of the disease, we witnessed and were comforted by how the familiar environment of her own home made her overall battle with Alzheimer’s a little less daunting. What a gift! I am a true believer that “home is where the heart lives”.

Sue Arsenault - Owner & Client Care Manager
  Home Care in Portland, ME

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What is Unique About Home Care Assistance?

Balanced Care Method™ – Our holistic, evidence-based Balanced Care Method™ encourages a nutritious diet, regular physical activity, mental and social stimulation, and cultivating a sense of purpose to promote overall wellbeing and longevity. Learn More

Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ – While all seniors benefit from our science-based Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, it was specifically designed to slow mental decline in seniors with memory impairment through activities targeting attention, visual-spatial perception, language, memory, and executive functioning. Learn More


Why Home Care Assistance of Portland Maine?

A Responsive Care Management Team – Families should never feel alone during the home care process, which is why your relationship with our office team is so important. Along with overseeing all care provided by our caregivers, Care Mangers act as advocates, resources and support systems for the client and their families 24/7. Online access to our “Family Room” sets us apart as well and gives family members peace and comfort knowing how their loved one is being cared for. It is my belief that each day is a blessing and should be lived to the fullest. We were compelled to bring this level of care to Maine Seniors thru Home Care Assistance. If you have questions or would like to discuss flexible hourly or 24/7 care options for your loved one, please do not hesitate to stop into our retail location or call me directly at (207) 835-4849. It will be my pleasure to assist you. The decisions you make regarding your loved one’s care can feel overwhelming. My team and I are here to assist you every step of the way.
No additional charge to clients needing a minimum of 20 hours of care per week.

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Enabling seniors and older adults to lead a happy, healthy, and independent lifestyle from the comfort of home

We believe home care is more than just help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as meal preparation, bathing, dressing, transportation to and from medical appointments and light housekeeping. Our proprietary home care approach known as the Balanced Care Method™ offers a comprehensive approach to senior care focused on the mind, body and soul. Loving companionship, exercise, healthy nutrition and socialization are key components of our senior home care plan. We ensure that our senior and elderly clients enjoy a happy, healthy and independent lifestyle in the comfort of their own home. In short, when you trust us with the care of your senior loved one, we strive and ensure to make a positive impact and put a smile on their face each single day. To discuss our services and how we can bring a positive change to your loved one’s life, please call us at (207) 835-4849 and speak with a care manager now!

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